Music has defined love for us. The sweet and beautiful poetry interspersed with calming music has taught us what beauty really feels like.

And we know you miss spending time with your lover after valentines day, lets see what music can calm your eagerness and get rid of the love hangover.

Taare by Shamoon Ismail

Starting off with the loved stud, Shamoon Ismail and his very popular single, Taare. A song that says everything you’d want to say to your lover. A song about how far you can go for love. A song that says that there’s nothing to lose.

Kasoor by Prateek Kuhad

Yes, next up is Prateek Kuhad!

And if you’re a cheesy, romantic person then you already know about Prateek Kuhad. But if you don’t know him and are just discovering his music, well, thank us later. Because he is ‘the artist’ when it comes to love songs nowadays.

You’ll be seeing another song of Prateek Kuhad in this countdown but don’t worry, his music is no less of a blessing!

Prateek Kuhad started off with performing at open mics and serenading couples at parties as they would swing into eachother and then swing out. Prateek is now considered an international artist who is on his worldwide tour right now.

comethru by Jeremy Zucker

It’s not a traditionally slow love song but it does set the mood for having fun with someone you love. The chorus really lifts your heart and places it gently back into your chest.

Jeremy Zucker is an american pop artist who is emerging to be a very popular artist around the globe. ‘Comethru’ is one of the most popular songs of his. He recently dropped a new song called “always, i’ll care

All of Me by John Legend

There are a few songs that make you fall in love with the idea of loving someone recklessly. And this song is surely one of them. This is a song that reminds you of someone you truly love. And why you love them.

Although John Legend is not a new artist but he is certainly someone who makes music to make our love lives beautiful. And he does that effortlessly. His concerts are for people to truly be vulnerable and express their love for those they truly admire. Bodies press into eachother as lips whisper the chorus, “I give you all of me, and you give me all of you” and what is more romantic than that.

Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Here’s a traditionally slow love song by the very famous romantic, Ed Sheeran. If there’s one artist that makes you believe in love, it’s Ed. He makes us truly imagine ourselves sitting on the seashore and playing a song as the sea breeze kindly kisses our cheeks and pushes our hair back.

Cold/Mess by Prateek Kuhad

Yes, we are back with Prateek Kuhad who sang us this cathartic love song to help us carry our romance, to promise eachother our lives and our joys. And since its the weekend, why not cuddle in bed and play this song and feel the presence of someone in your life.

Get You by Daniel Ceasar

Here’s another aesthetic and emerging R&B singer, Daniel Ceasar, whose songs pull the past guilt and ruins out of people and pushes them into the arms of someone they love now. And although its not for everyone to love, but if you know the lyrics, it surely pulls you into a different imagination.

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