To all that had happened at the Solis Festival, Digink, an Islamabad based popular illustrations artist designed a sarcastic illustration in solidarity of those that were at the Solis event.

The artist ridiculed the faculty and the management of the event and hoped for the safety of everyone who attended.

This sunday, hell fell upon the international festival of music.

The event was interrupted by intruders that broke through the steel boundaries made to protect the premise of the event.

The intruders then invaded the stage and forced their way into the VIP area and forced the VIP section to collapse, leaving people injured and hurt because of the impact.

But the agony did not end there. Over a hundred intruders entered the premise and stole from the injured. The event was already congested because the venue could not withhold the estimated crowd.

The intruders then started harassing the attendees of the event and breaking the stage. The management soon took the mic, and threatened to stop the event if the intruders did not leave the premise. After observing no change in the behaviour of the crowd the management turned the music off. And that provoked the already provoked to descend chaos on stage. People started climbing the stage, breaking the music system along with stealing valuable possessions not just from people but from the event as well.

Instagram model Shanza.g was also a victim of this horrid night, and wrote other details that were quite honestly horrific to read.

In her post, she also mentioned a girl being followed by a group of men and upon yelling that she was being harassed, she was slapped by one of the seven men.

This is also not the only indication of predatory men in Islamabad, earlier this year, a case was also reported from one of the most reputed University of the country, NUST. It was reported that a girl was sexually harassed on campus but the faculty snubbed the incident and threatened the students that if a protest were to be organized, anyone who was part of it would be dropped off their courses. And yes, that is what is called “Campus Rape Culture.”

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