In a bizarre incident, a woman shot her husband dead for allegedly molesting their 14-year old daughter in Mirah Surezai area on the outskirts of Peshawar, said the police on Friday.

According to a report written by The Express Tribune, the police said that on receiving information about the incident on Thursday morning, a team of Inqilab police station rushed to the crime scene and found a 40-year old woman, Gul Meena, with the body of a man, identified as her husband, Jan Muhammad. The police said the woman confessed to killing her husband, alleging that he was involved in the heinous act of sexually abusing her own daughter.

Are public hangings enough to stop rape crimes?

The resolution from the National Assembly to publicly hang those convicted of murdering and sexually abusing children reflects how brutalised our society has become. The fact that hangings have shown no decrease in the level of crime is ignored for the sake of rhetoric. If our lawmakers were indeed perturbed over crimes against children, more funds and attention would have been allocated towards the criminal justice system and the child protection legislation that is already in place.


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