Mystery still surrounds the toxic gas leak in Keamari, which claimed at least one more life on Monday, bringing the death toll to seven as hospitals continued to receive patients. Federal and provincial authorities have yet to confirm what caused the deaths and affected over 150 people.

Over 125 patients were immediately transported to Ziauddin Hospital on Sunday night, where 10 of them were still in critical condition on Monday. The hospital spokesperson informed that five of them were in the intensive care unit. He added that four deaths were reported of the hospital, of which two had passed away before arrival and two during treatment. According to the hospital administration, the victims were experiencing respiratory problems and stomachaches. A dozen patients, including three children, were brought to the hospital on Monday morning as well, while around 20 more patients were rushed to Ziauddin Hospital and Dr Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital on Monday night.

What was the cause behind the leak?

Officials belonging to various federal and provincial departments visited Keamari on Monday, initiating an investigation into the matter. However, they have not yet revealed the cause of the incident.


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