A popular Islamabad based instagram model has spoken about the horrid scenes in an instagram post.

Sharing pictures of her injuries and her friends being treated by doctors is also no easy sight to lay eyes on.


The model says that the VIP stage was almost 7 feet tall, in her caption she mentions, “it was almost 7 feet high and i lost consciousness for a minute bec ig that’s just how your brain responds.” she further continued, “ALL I REMEMBER IS ME STRUGGLING TO GET UP and a guy starts snatching my bag, (i was wearing a crossbody bag and it was in my neck) i literally thought I’d suffocate or my neck’s going to break and the guys there pick up the grill and start pushing it back while we’re stuck in it.”

The model also shares witnessing men harassing girls and she also mentions a girl getting beaten up. Hell fell on Solis Fest and it surely is horrid to find out.

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