Larry Tesler, the inventor of ‘cut, copy and paste’ and a pioneer of early computing has died at the age of 74. 

Who was Tesler?

Tesler, born in the Bronx (New York) in 1945, started working in Silicon valley in the 1960s. He studied at Stanford University in California and specialised in interface design. Starting his career at Xeror Palo Alto Research Center (Parc), he later worked at Apple for 17 years, where he was appointed the chief scientist. Tesler also worked with Amazon and Yahoo for brief periods.

Xerox paid tribute to Tesler:

“The inventor of cut/copy & paste, find & replace, and more, was former Xerox researcher Larry Tesler,” the company tweeted. “Your workday is easier thanks to his revolutionary ideas.”

After leaving Apple, Tesler launched an education start-up. In 2012, in an interview with BBC he said, “There’s almost a rite of passage – after you’ve made some money, you don’t just retire, you spend your time funding other companies.

“There’s a very strong element of excitement, of being able to share what you’ve learned with the next generation.”