Visibly perturbed and emotionally-charged, the parents of students stranded in China’s Wuhan city and Hubei province on Wednesday served a three-day ultimatumto the government. 

“If you fail to get our children repatriated within the next three days, we will hold demonstrations in front of your ministerial offices and the Embassy of China,” they warned the Prime Minister’s Special Advisers on Health and Overseas Pakistanis, Dr Zafar Mirza and Syed Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari, respectively, here on Wednesday. The encounter took place during a briefing held at the OPF Girls College in F-8/2, where both the PM’s Advisers were subjected to scathing criticism as they attempted to apprise parents of the latest situation in China, where Novel Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on human lives. The briefing was arranged on the orders of the Islamabad High Court.

Will Pakistan evacuate the 1000+ students in Wuhan?

The government has made no move to evacuate the students while other countries have evacuated their citizens. Ministers keep on evading the evacuation question and try to placate with news like that the Chinese government is taking care of the students and they are under no harm.


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