So as most of us know, the PSL tickets sold out like hot jalebis.

The fifth season of the Pakistan Super League kicked off with a grand opening ceremony in Karachi yesterday. The league has been a major success and has been the heart and soul of many Pakistani cricketing fans.

For the first time the entire league will take place in Pakistan – with thousands of excited fans wanting to attend the opening ceremony, the tickets were bound to run out.

Well, one of those privately fans reached out to @DennisCricket on twitter, also known as Dennis Freedman, who is popularly known in Pakistan for his interview series called ‘Dennis does PSL’

The young fanatic known on twitter as @Baba-e-gormint, famous for his sarcastic commentary, shared the exchange of messages between the celebrity.

Dennis was more than happy to give away a free ticket to the young fan to make sure he doesn’t miss the biggest cricketing league of Pakistan.

This courtesy has really shown the spirit of this event. Dennis Freedman is all heart and everyone loves him for it.

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