Imran Khan does not believe that any solution for the Kashmir problem will reach consensus during the present government in India as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh-led Narendra Modi regime is bent upon ethnic cleansing of Muslims by following the ideology of Nazis.

“I do not see much hope with this [Indian] government but do see in future that a strong Indian leadership will also want this problem [Kashmir issue] to be resolved,” the prime minister said in an interview.

The Prime Minister mentioned Jawahar lal Nehru saying that he promised the people of Kashmir the right to self determination and that is now being violated.

“I feel that if there will be a strong and clear headed leadership in India this problem would be solved. Every problem has a solution,” he added.

But why is the Prime Minister so hopeless?

He said the problem in India right now was that [Indian government] has an extremist ideology of RSS, inspired by the Nazis in 30s. “[One of the] the founding fathers of the RSS [Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi], which is now ruling India, is inspired by Hitler…the racist Arian philosophy of Hitler. That is why they have put 80 million Kashmiris, who are Muslims, in an open prison,” Mr Khan said.

It does seem as though that the PM has realized that arguing Modi is a lost cause due to his ideologies.

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