Pakistan on Sunday closed its land border with Iran, while Afghanistan suspended travel to the neighbouring country as fears across the region continued to grow over a jump in new coronavirus infections.

The latest Pakistan move came a day after the Balochistan government imposed an emergency in all bordering districts with Iran. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday also contacted Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal and discussed options to prevent the virus from entering the country. He told the chief minister to take all protective measures along the Pak-Iran border.

Iran earlier on Sunday reported eight deaths from the novel coronavirus, the highest toll of any country outside China, as the supreme leader accused foreign media of trying to use the outbreak to sabotage a general election.

Will Pakistan evacuate students from China?

Even though the partners of the children stuck in China have pleaded with the government to evacuate them no move from the side of the latter has been made to ensure the evacuation. And it seems like no move will be made in the future too.


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