It’s time to face the music, literally as well as metaphorically – it’s officially hot in Lahore(and most of Pakistan)! The parties (and hopefully the weddings) will slowly start dwindling down, lawn season will reign once again and cars will become hot boxes without the smoke.

It’s Monday, the sun has just settled, time is of the essence and no one has time for lengthy intros, let’s dive right into the beat.

First up, Khwaab by Maanu ft. Mujju 

“Haan ye dunya alag, hum alag hain
Baaki sab hain aam par hum tou farak hain
Zindagi hai mushkil par sabar hai
Agar magar chorro bolo agar koi qadar hai
Tou aaja aaja chalein door hum yahan se
Manzil hain anjaani par kisi tarah se
Mill hi gaye hain hum ab bhool jayein gay saaray ghum hum
Na sochein gay ziaada hum haan karo mujh se waada ke
Gum jayein gay hum”

Under the Youtube video, Urban Sandwich has written, “Jani spotify par khawab add karu if it’s beneficial for you.” 

As I’ve been listening to the song on repeat since it released, I completely support this message. If you haven’t come across Maanu’s music, you’re missing out, this guy has range. Baad ki Batein and Khwaab are poles apart – and equally enjoyable. Not only is Maanu rolling out sick tracks, he’s got stage presence; Maanu brought the house down when he performed with Talal Qureshi at the Lahore Music Meet 2020 earlier in February. 

Another LMM find, Khudday Line by IQBAL

Iqbal, Hip Hop Artist/Rapper/MC and President of The Music Society of LUMS, recently released the official video for his song, KHUDDAY LINE, and safe to say the rap number sounds as good live as it does through headphones. Iqbal has stellar stage presence, a fact which made his performance very successful at the Lahore Music Meet. His music has been archived by LUMS university’s library for permanent public display, making him the only rapper in South Asia to achieve this. 

Nazar by Faris Shafi 

“Kaheen Nazar na lag Jayee
Kaheen Nazar na lag jaye, Hai!
Kaheen Nazar na lag jaye tujhko
Kaheen Nazar na Lag jaye Mujhko
Kaheen Nazar na lag jaye
Kaheen Nazar na lag jaye Tujhko
Kaheen Nazar na lag jaye, Hai”

Faris Shafi dropped his latest track ‘Nazar’ two weeks ago, proving yet again that he might just be the boldest artist in Pakistan. Shafi’s commentary remains on point – whether it be on drugs, haters, religious extremism or the inescapable hypocrisy of our society. 

Rung by Shamoon Ismail 

“Step in the room jivain villain
I see you move, see you kill it
Toon kita naira aithay dinnay
You know you got me in my feelings”

“Shamoon Ismail, is more like Sukoon Ismail” writes one of Shamoon Ismail’s loyal followers under his recently released track. Whether you’re listening to Marijuana or Rung, one thing is clear – Shamoon’s music is always a very personal and individualistic experience. Here’s to hoping he never quits Punjabi blues. 

Deewana by Omar Mukhtar 

Omar Mukhtar, easily one of the most dedicated up and coming performers, released the track towards the end of 2019. Deewana itself is a sweet, lyrical and mellow song that carries you with its tunes. It’s the sort of song you can sing along to in your car, while navigating the busy roads of Lahore (or Karachi, probably not Islamabad though).

This edition of ProperGaanda’s Monday Mix Tape was curated by Samah Akhtar. Tune in next week to see what Ammaar Butt from ProperGaanda has been listening to! And don’t forget to tell us which tracks you’re listening to in the comments below.

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