Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was denied on extension of his bail by the Punjab Government.

\Stating that the PML-N supremo has failed to provide the required medical reports. “The committee has decided that Nawaz’s bail can not be extendedfurther,” said the provincial minisers.

“He has not been admitted to any hospital since he went to London for treatment. We have repeatedly asked his physician Dr Adnan Khan about the cardiac procedure. Dr Adnan failed to give any particular date,” Law Minister Raja Basharat said.

“Till today Nawaz has not been admitted to any hospital in London,” said the provincial law minister and added that the provincial cabinet has decided to not extend bail as there is no further legal or medical basis due to lack of “concrete proof”.

In its decision, the LHC said that in case Nawaz’s health doesn’t improve then the time period can be extended, adding that the government officials will be able to contact Nawaz through the Pakistani embassy.

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