Lahore High Court Chief Justice Mamoon Rashid Sheikh Monday issued notices to the federal and provincial governments on an application seeking a permanent ban on the upcoming Aurat March for being “anti-state” and “un-Islamic.”

“Aurat March is misdirection and a failed attempt to raise grave issues commonly faced by women,” claimed the applicant, Advocate Azhar Siddique, who agitated the matter by filing a civil miscellaneous application in his an already pending petition for the enforcement of new social media regulations. The lawyer stated that hundreds of women will once again march with interesting placards displaying various messages that allegedly manifest anarchy and vulgarity. He contended that the basic purpose of women’s day was to recognize and appreciate women for their achievements as well as to express solidarity with women struggling all over the world against cruelty, discrimination, ignorance and domestic violence.

Just how fragile the male ego that it can’t handle women finally asking for their due rights?

Women have faced oppression for centuries and now that they are finally letting out all that pent up frustration, the society that we live won’t even let them do that. Aurat March, a march conducted every year in support of women, men and every other gender and sexuality only seeks to ask for equality. But perhaps the babied and pampered men of Pakistan can’t handle woman asking for their basic rights.


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