Upon the visit of US President Donald Trump to Ahmedabad, India. 27 people were murdered in riots that took place in Delhi.

The clashes in Delhi left at least 27 people dead. Protests against a contentious citizenship law began on a smaller scale on Sunday but escalated on Monday — as US President Donald Trump started his two-day trip to India — and Tuesday into running battles between Hindus and Muslims in New Delhi’s north-east, where rioters armed with stones, swords and even guns were out in force.

“One of the essential duties of any responsible government is to provide protection and physical security for its citizens, regardless of faith,” said chairman Tony Perkins who belongs to the Trump administration.

“We urge the Indian government to take serious efforts to protect Muslims and others targeted by mob violence,” he said in a statement.

A commissioner appointed by Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Anurima Bhargava, voiced alarm at reports that Delhi police “have not intervened in violent attacks against Muslims.”

“The brutal and unchecked violence growing across Delhi cannot continue,” she said.

“The Indian government must take swift action to ensure the safety of all of its citizens,” she added.

What authority does the US Commission have?

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom, which advises the US government but does not set policy

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