Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted a video of Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters speaking out against the “fascist, racist citizenship law” introduced by the Modi government.

Talking about activist Aamir Aziz’s poem at an event in London, Waters says of him “He’s involved in the fight against Modi’s fascist, racist citizenship law.” He went on to recite from Azis’s poem: 

“Everything will be remembered.

Killers, we will become ghosts

and write of your killings,

with all the evidence.

You write jokes in courts,

we will write justice on the walls.

We will speak so loudly that

even the deaf will hear.

We will write so clearly that

even the blind will read.

You write injustice on the earth,

We will write revolution in the sky.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted the video, urging the world to “stand up on the right side of history”.

What’s the situation in Delhi like?

Thirty-eight people have been killed and hundreds injured as protests broke out in Delhi against India’s controversial citizenship law during the past couple of days. 


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