A Christian labourer, who was brutally beaten up by local landowners in Kasur three days ago on accusations that he had ‘polluted’ their tube-well water by bathing in it, succumbed to his injuries on Friday and died.

Saleem Masih, 22, was brought to the General Hospital in a critical condition on Thursday from Chunian tehsil, his family said. “On Feb 25, Saleem had finished unloading chaff in fields in Baguyana village and was rinsing himself off in the tube-well when a group of men, including Sher Dogar, Iqbal, Altaf, Jabbar and Haji Muhammad rushed over, yanked him out of the water and began beating him,” Saleem’s father Ghafoor Masih said. Ghafoor said that the family was informed about the incident by police officials four hours after his son was taken hostage and tortured.

Minorities in Pakistan

It’s only been a few days since Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted in support of upholding minority rights while condemning the actions against Muslims in India. He had been lauded with praise and all of a sudden, Pakistan became a the most safest place for minorities. However, that moment ended and we’re plunged back into the reality where we don’t treat out minorities well enough to be saints and point fingers at another country.


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