High-risk stunts performed on TikTok are proving numerous and near fatal — all in the name of social media clout.

The latest madcap example was brought to us by Jason Clark, who took to Instagram this week to regale us with his tale of a near-death experience when he attempted to swim under a sheet of ice on a frozen lake, while a friend filmed it. “I have never been this close to dying. I didn’t think my eyeballs would freeze so quick,” explained Clark. The clip shows Clark — dressed weather-appropriately in nothing but shorts — standing in a hole in the ice before he takes a big breath and dives into the lake, where he swims for about 30 feet before appearing to lose his sense of direction.


Followers were quick to comment on the posting, with one user saying, “I’ve nominated you for a Darwin Award,” as another shared, “Maybe the stupidest thing I’ve seen all my life. Ffs, you’re not a teenager. Get your s–t together.” Even celebrities chimed in, as Will Smith simply captioned the clip, “#AwwHellNaw,” and Jennifer Garner responded, “I do not like this. ???”

Clark’s social media splash is only the latest in TikTok stunts that have proven dangerous.


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