A Pakistani man’s arrest uncovered a gang that was smuggling drugs to the United Kingdom in lehengas.

The suspect identified as Najam Rafique was arrested in Dadyal. Najam was caught in possession of several packs of heroin hidden inside lehengas. Turns out Najam is part of an international drug network which is trafficking drugs to the UK. Infamous heroin smuggler who goes by Mushtaq Nawabi is a major part of this international drug gang. Mushtaq is currently hiding out in Dubai. Police officer Faisal Siddique (SHO) said that the arrest was made based on a tip-off that Nawabi has been transporting drugs hidden in lehengas to the UK. Police caught Najam Rafique en route from Sehnsa to Dadyal in Azad Kashmir, with the drug-laced lehengas on hand on February 27, 2020.

What is the full story behind the drug laced lehengas scandal?

Najam was traveling via a motorcycle when he was stopped in his tracks and arrested. The five lehengas in his possession were laced with 1.5 kg of heroin. Najam’s arrest was just one in a series of raids to bust this international drug network. While this gang is run by Mushtaq Nawabi, the mastermind is his son-in-law Hafiz Mansoor Sultani from Kotli. Hafiz Mansoor is also residing and hiding in Dubai, along with another gang member, Habib Shah. Habib Shah is originally a resident of Pang Peeran in the area of Kotli. During a police press conference, DSP Nadeem Arif and Faisal Siddique stated that the suspects connected with this drug operation target poor people to work for them. Najam revealed that they were to send 10 drug laced lehengas, and he was able to sell three of them.

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