As Lahore Qalandars still sit on the bottom of the table, the Lahore Qalandar fans protests against the Lahore Qalandar authority because they are just tired of losing.

The Lahore Qalandar fans protested at the liberty round-about and we sent in our very talented reporter Sardar Haider Ali.

Sardar reported that the fans were deeply disappointed and frustrated of horrific run Lahore Qalandar has had eversince PSL started. They were infuriated of losing all the time.

Sardar also mentioned that the protesters were demanding the Lahore Qalandars to revive and earn their reputation in the Pakistan Super League.

He also told us the protestor’s demands which are mentioned below:

  1. Save Lahore Qalandars from Aqib Javed and Rana Fawad.
  2. The management should be changed.
  3. They should Atleast fight even if they loose.
  4. Prominent players should be replaced the old players

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