A man brought a llama to his sister’s wedding as part of a five-year-long joke, but the bride was understandably unimpressed with the four-legged punchline. 

Mendl Weinstock warned his sister, Riva, that he’d be bringing a llama as his date to her wedding back in 2015 when Riva was already planning the big day – despite the fact she wasn’t dating anyone at the time. Given she didn’t yet have a partner to meet at the alter, Riva wasn’t too bothered by the threat, and jokingly told Mendl he was more than welcome to bring one of the furry farm animals.

My sister was talking about her wedding as if it were tomorrow, when she wasn’t even dating anyone at the time.Just to make her mad and get a reaction, I told her if she makes me come to the wedding, I am bringing a llama with me. After a few minutes of arguing, she tried to use reverse psychology on me and said, ‘OK, the llama is invited to the wedding’.

Mendl made sure the invitation wasn’t forgotten, and reminded his sister ‘probably twice a week’ for the following five years of her promise. Riva attempted to back out by ‘striking deals’ and ‘doing literally everything possible to make sure it didn’t happen’, but Mendl wouldn’t give in. Riva got engaged in October 2019, and Mendl knew it was time to put his plan into action.

Riva’s big day took place in Cleveland, Ohio, on Sunday, March 1, and sure enough Mendl was there with his big, furry plus one. Shocky the llama certainly stood out among the other, two-legged wedding guests, though the mischievous brother had at least made sure the animal was dressed for the occasion by commissioning a custom llama-sized tuxedo.

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