It’s no new news that Khalil ur Rehman has said something controversial again, but after yesterday’s panel discussion on a recent show where he degrades the fellow women panellist Marvi Sirmed, it’s safe to say he has crossed a line.

While this seems like a new low even for Khalil ur Rehman, we should remember that this man has consistently shown us his true colours and his very obvious resentment towards women. Yet he continues to thrive in our entertainment industry. Why? Comedian Shehzad Ghias asks the same question but to a particular person, Humayun Saeed. The actor has worked closely with the man and yet has to condemn any of his actions.

The comedian took to his twitter to pen an open letter to Humayun Saeed asking him to for once act consciously and dignity when it comes to Khalil ur Rehman.

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