Everyday something harrowing happens and women are reminded of their oppression. Yesterday, on Tuesday, a mural which was being painted for Aurat March was vandalised by clerics from Lal Masjid in Islamabad.

In a post made by an Instagram page called Aurat Azadi March, it is showed that the mural they were making was vandalised. The mural was named ‘Do akeli larkiyan dekhne nikali Jaha.” The mural was respectfully fine portraying two woman in traditional clothes. But sadly, a woman she clothed too, is never acceptable outside of the boundaries of her house.

The post explains that the artists had worked day and night to get every detail of the mural right but it all was for nothing when the ‘Mullahs’ arrived during they were out for a lunch break. The clerics of Lal Masjid vandalised the mural as the Islamabad police stood by urging the artists to avoid any conflict as the “Mullah’s were armed”.


Why is there so much hate towards the Aurat March?

Aurat March 2020 has faced so much backlash in the last few days. From being taken to the court to a misogynist man like Khalil ur Rehman dragging it through mud on talks shows, the march has been put under the negative light all along. This reaction alone gives reason to women to march. Because even if you get used to your oppression something like this happens and you’re reminded that you as a woman have no standing in this society.

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