Indian Prime Minister Modi’s government imposed a communications blackout in August last year and stripped the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) of its special autonomous status.

The IOK administration has reached out to a US-based multinational software firm Cisco Systems in order to prevent fixed-line internet users from accessing social media websites, reported ThePrint. The step has been taken to remove the restriction on fixed-line broadband connection, however, social media platforms will still not be accessible to local residents even when internet connectivity is restored. Back in January, users were allowed 2G mobile internet and broadband for 1,500 individuals, including those providing essential services such as hospitals with access to only 1600 website.

Because there is fear that residents might access websites through virtual private networks (VPNs), the administration is trying to build a firewall that will stop internet users in IOK from accessing blacklisted websites, including social media portals, through fixed-line connections according to the Official source.

This article originally published by The Print.

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