As twitter fires against and in support of Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar after his outrageously misogynistic remarks made on activist Marvi Sirmad, Veena Malik has joined the bandwagon by tweeting under the hashtag #khalilurrehmanqamar and bashing Marvi.

She mentioned that people are stupid to support an unfaithful woman like Marvi Sarmed.

As other celebrities spoke in support of Marvi Sermad, she compared her to a gainda saying, “Look at Marvi Sermad carefully, can’t people tell the difference between a woman and a gainda”

As a woman herself, you would expect her to support Marvi but instead she speaks against her.

Malik addressed the woman verbally abused by Qamar in an even demeaning manner, considering she did not pinpoint Sirmed’s interruption or her stance, rather her appearance. Which is just not okay.

Even though she apologized after her initial tweet, she continued to lash out at the people speaking in defense of the Marvi – calling them ‘as shameless as Sirmed’.

Nevertheless, majority of the celebrities have spoken up against the writer and the petition to boycott him is continuously over flooding with signatories.

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