TikTok claims another life in India as a young guy was killed while shooting a video on railway tracks. Vikas was electrocuted by the railway tracks, killing him instantly.

In a desperate attempt to make a good video, the young man lost his life. The incident happened in Panipat, Haryana as the 25-year-old man was shooting a TikTok video. Although he was making the video with his friends, he was the only unfortunate casualty.

What really happened?

Vikas and the boys were at the railway tracks at 4 am in the morning when he climbed up the electrical pole for a better shot. The young man continued to climb higher. He accidentally touched one of the high voltage wires overhead and was electrocuted. Vikas died on impact while his friends ran away. The body remained on the wire for around two hours. Someone passing by saw his body hanging from the wires and alerted the police.

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