A man has returned home after a drug addict misidentified as him was buried in a village near here.

Local officials said that Mohammad Aslam, resident of Chak 3-14 L, was a drug addict and often went missing from his home. Two days ago, the body of Mohammad Khalid, a resident of Chak 3-12 L, was found near a bus stand in Mian Channu. Aslam’s family took away the body without identification. They buried him after performing his last rituals. However, the next day Aslam arrived at his home and his family was surprised to see him alive.

Rising trend of drug addiction in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the prevalence of drug addiction is increasing at an alarming rate. However, the risk factors, which are increasing vulnerability towards addiction, remain largely elusive. The growing trend of abuse in highly addictive substances such as heroin in teenagers and in the skilled and educated stratum of society is of great concern and demands immediate preventive measures from the policymakers.

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