A security firm has released a new app iVerify that promises to detect when your iPhone gets targeted by hackers, but the devil is in the details. 

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iVerify, now on the iPhone App Store— is one of the first ever apps that promises to catch iPhone hacks to be approved to be on the official App Store.

 In 2016, a well-known iPhone security researcher released a similar tool, but it was immediately banned from the App Store. The founders claim that iVerify is more advanced than that app.

How it works

In the event that an iVerify user does get hacked:

  • The app alerts them
  • Creates a personalized URL that includes data on what was detected and what went wrong. 
  • The app gives the user some basic advice on what to do next
  • sends the incident report to Trail of Bits (Security Firm)

Why make this

For years, there’s been no real way to know whether your iPhone had been hacked. Dan Guido, founder of the security firm, is hoping to change that.

Here’s a bit of context

iPhones are widely believed to be some of the most secure devices one can get but over the past year security researches have exposed some cracks in its firewall. 

  • A Google researcher found 10 critical bugs in iMessage that would have allowed hackers to silently and stealthily take over an iPhone. 
  • Google revealed that hackers—reportedly working for the Chinese government—had been using unknown iPhone vulnerabilities to target the phones of muslims in Uighurs

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