British prime minister Boris Johnson once again refused to apologise over his derogatory and offensive remarks about Muslim women as well as the increasing incidents of Islamophobia in his party.

The issues were raised by leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn and member of Parliament during the weekly question hour demanding an apology from Mr Johnson. Jeremy Corbyn was referring to the remarks passed by Boris Johnson in 2018 in an article published in The Telegraph newspaper where he compared burqa wearing Muslim women with “Bank Robbers” and “Letterbox”.

“The Prime Minister has made repeated offensive remarks against single mothers and their children. Yes, he described them as ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate,” said the Labour leader.

What was Boris Johnson’s response?

But in response Johnson completely ditched the original question put forward by the opposition leader. Instead, he raised the allegations of antisemitism in Labour Party. Boris Johnson told the house that his party is in fact proud of promoting rights of women, both the female prime ministers were from conservative party and on the other hand Labour didn’t even had female party leader.

Another attempt to school Johnson

Referring to a short film “The Long Goodbye” released by Emmy award-winning actor Riz Ahmed last week depicting the heartbreak of many British minorities who feel unwanted in Britain, where hate crime is rising and hate speech infects public life, Naz Shah urged fellow MPs to listen and watch it as many of Muslims in her constituency have shared the same concerns with her too.

Will the prime minister, given that 300 complaints of Islamophobia in his party, simply tell me what he is doing to assure Britain’s Muslims that their premier is not an Islamophobe and takes their concerns seriously?” demanded Naz Shah.

But again rather than answering the question on rising cases of Islamophobia in the party and what action will he take to address these incidents the Prime Minister accused the opposition of not doing enough to tackle these issue within their party.


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