The New York Times published a report in Thursday, stating that evidence was discovered the the New Delhi police “concertedly moved against Muslims” and “actively helped Hindu mobs” target the homes of Muslim families. 

This is what you need to know about the riots

The riots in Delhi were the worst incident of communal violence that the city has faced in decades, at least 50 people were killed and, two-thirds of which were Muslims. Mosques were burnt down and vandalised. The violence also led to the death of 15 people belonging to the majority Hindu faith. 

What role did the Delhi police play?

Incriminating videos have surfaced on social media in which the Delhi police can be seen assaulting Muslims protesters, and urging Hindu mobs to join. The report also stated that while officials were told to deposit their guns at the police station, NYT journalists heard officials yelling to one another that they needed guns and not sticks, to confront the growing mobs. NYT’s report also accuses the Indian police force of being “politicised” by Modi Modi’s ruling Hindu-nationalist BJP.

 “The government wants to bring the entire Muslim community to their knees, to beg for their lives, and beg for their livelihoods,” stated Umar Khalid, a Muslim activist in the report.

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