Alvis Kernel, a Canadian resident with roots in Hong Kong, was reportedly denied a seat in the uber due to his Asian ethnicity as mass hysteria sets in.

This is what Alvis posted on a COVID-19 Community care group on Facebook:

“I was rejected an Uber ride in Centretown because of my ethnicity. Emailed Uber and they said they would take it seriously and take action, but is not willing to disclose what action they are taking.

I would like Uber to make a public announcement to warn against discrimination and educate drivers. Obviously it’s a hard time for everyone (like I understand some drivers rely on uber income for a living so they can’t choose not to work), but people of all races have the same risk of getting infected.

It’s also just so unsafe to drive away suddenly when someone is approaching the vehicle.

Not looking for sympathy but curious to hear/have ideas/support to push this to happen. I’ve had about 3-4 back and forth emails with customer service already.”

Uber is yet to respond on the matter. But Alvis seems to be in good spirts!

Canada currently has 1316 cases under investigation. 299 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed.

There has been a rise in discrimination incidents similar to this in the downtown area ever since the coronavirus became an epidemic.

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