Dozens of students of the Sheikh Zayed Nursing College (SZNC) refused to perform duties during the coronavirus emergency and held a protest against the hospital’s administration for forcing them to perform duty in the hospital without taking any precautionary measures in their hostel to save them from the virus.

More than 60 nursing students gathered in front of their hostel, holding banners and placards and chanted slogans against the SZMCH administration. They said that according to the directions in the letter, dated 13-03-2020, issued by the SZMCH principal, all the hostels should have been vacated immediately but they were still being forced to stay in the hostel. They complained they were also forced to perform duties with other staff nurses despite being students.

Who is at fault?

The coronavirus pandemic has put everyone into panic mode and it has made the stark reality that the country is understaffed and unequipped to handle a major outbreak. Many would argue that it’s okay for the student nurses to be helping out. But that’s the thing, they’re not helping out. They’re being forced into such situations where they either have to work or rebel against an administration for not informing them beforehand. Also, they’re students, who’re still in the phase of learning. Is it okay for them to be treating suspected patients of coronavirus? No, it’s not.

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