Coronavirus has killed more people in Italy than in any other country, after deaths there rose by 427 in a day.

The number of deaths now stands at 3,405, which is more than in China where the virus originated last year. There have been 3,245 reported deaths in China, but there have been questions over the reliability of its data. A lockdown imposed on 12 March in Italy has been extended beyond the original 25 March end date. Nearly all Italians have been told to stay at home.

Is the strict lock down working?

Despite these measures, the number of new cases and deaths has continued to spiral. Italy now has over 41,000 cases.

What measures has Italy taken?

Italy shut down most businesses and banned public gatherings nationwide on 12 March as it tried to halt the spread of the virus. Bars, restaurants and most shops have closed, as have schools and universities. The lockdown has been extended, and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said it had helped prevent “the collapse of the system”. But he told the Corriere della Sera newspaper that “we will not be able to return immediately to life as it was before” even when the measures were ended.

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