It’s hard to imagine a phrase like silver linings being used for a pandemic which is wreaking havoc across the globe, causing hysteria and panic. But, there is positive news out there, which shows that all is not gloom and doom.

Here are 11 positive news stories you need to know.

  • Of the 80,000 people who were infected by the COVID-19 in China, more than 70% have recovered and been discharged from hospitals
  • Scientists have discovered how the novel coronavirus enters human cells, which will help them significantly in developing a treatment 
  • Codogno, one of the two coronavirus clusters in Italy, has reported fewer cases due to high levels of self-quarantine 
  • Canadian scientists have isolated and grown copies of the novel coronavirus, which will enable them to study the pathogen to develop testing, treatments and vaccines
  • 8 different institutions in China are working on 5 different vaccine options claiming it could be ready by next month 
  • The fatality rate of Wuhan’s coronavirus outbreak has been reported as 1.4% by a team of infectious disease experts, which is significantly lower than earlier estimates
  • There has been a massive decrease in major greenhouse gasses over Europe. Venice’s waters are finally running clear
  • The world’s fastest supercomputer just identified chemicals that could stop coronavirus from spreading.
  • A 103 year old Chinese woman has become the oldest person to beat coronavirus and return home.
  • The last 2 of 16 temporary hospitals set up to combat coronavirus in Wuhan have been shut down
  • After a peak of 909 confirmed cases on Feb 29, South Korea’s numbers have rapidly dropped to just 74 cases on Tuesday