Family member of a Former senator of Lahore has reportedly tested positive for coronavirus after attending a 60-persons gathering inside the city.

It was reported that the family member attended a gathering at a posh cafe in Lahore, where at least 60 people were also present. The cafe’s staff and all the family members of the senator have been quarantined after the patient tested positive for coronavirus. It was also reported that the family used to visit foreign countries frequently and now the district administration has also sealed their house.

News Flash: It can happen to the rich too

The elite class is taking the virus way too lightly. Posh cafe’s are still full to the brim, and everyday there’s a new party. But unfortunately for the unaware elite class of Pakistan, the coronavirus doesn’t see’s bank balance before it infects. It’s as much a problem for the Elite class as it is for the lower tiers of society. Everyone, be it a Senators family, or a pune’s daughter needs to practice self isolation because the total number of cases is nearing 500 and it won’t be long before it hits 1000 too.

New Update

Though local reports suddenly changed as the day progressed with the family claiming the said member had tested actually negative. The member claims, that while she was tested positive initially, later on in the third re-test she was given a negative report.

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