In the wake of the rapidly growing pandemic which has adversely impacted Pakistan, with more than 900 cases confirmed as of 24 March, a country-wide lockdown has been announced.

The lockdown will ensure that minimal spread of infection occurs through people coming in contact with one another. Pasha estimated that almost 40% of Pakistanis will stand below the poverty line by June 2020 – which is a significant statistic considering most individuals falling in this category earn a daily wage and will now be out of a job.

The bus-hailing company SWVL, has partnered with Saylani Welfare Trust, Robinhood Army and Rizq to give back to the community in this time of need.

SWVL plans to leverage its extensive route network and bus platform while providing key logistical insights and support to help millions of Pakistanis weather the economic downtime caused by the on-going pandemic. SWVL has also set up a comprehensive captain relief package which entails monetary compensation and monthly ration packs.

“Swvl aims to help the impoverished and downtrodden of our society through the by providing daily ration to millions whose earnings will be hit substantially in these turbulent times. For the company, it is times like these where it feels a greater sense of obligation to help the community that has supported its rise so enthusiastically.”
-GM Shahzeb Memon, SWVL.

Saylani welfare trust recently pledged to provide over a million ration packs to those in need. The Robinhood army is a zero-funds organisation that works to get surplus food from restaurants and homes to distribute to the less privileged. Inspired by a mother, taken forward by her 3 sons Rizq is on a mission to end hunger. 

Here’s a message from Rizq

“Rizq has initiated a campaign ‘Rizq Bantnay say barhta hai’ under our National movement #EhsaasKaro to help people affected by the current situation.
Please come forward and donate dry ration items from your home.

Just simply fill in the form below and our logistics partner will pick up food from your doorstep within 24 hours.

To donate money:


Click here to donate.


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