The country on Monday finally went into the lockdown mode in order to contain the spread of novel coronavirus as the army was called in to support the civil administration in the four provinces as well as Azad Jammu and Kashmir to ensure people stay at home.

So, what does this lockdown mean for the people? Will they be allowed to go grocery shopping? Will an individual be allowed to move from point A to B within a city without being stopped by the police?

Just stay home 

The purpose of the lockdown is that people will finally get the memo and stay home. Your home is your only sanctuary. You’re only safe in your house.

No more strolls on the street

Not that everyone really goes on strolls but since everyone is on a vacation, it’s normal for one to get out of their house and just stroll around. But under a lockdown you can’t. And you shouldn’t. The only way Pakistan can hope to flatten the curve is to make sure that everyone stays in their house and doesn’t goes out unless it’s extremely important.

Only grocery shopping

As per the measures announced by the federal and provincial governments, hospitals, medical stores, grocery shops and food-making factories would only be allowed to remain open. Which means for an average person who is thankfully not sick can only go for grocery shopping. But that doesn’t means an entire family of 6-7 people can go get grocery. Only 3 persons are allowed to travel in a car at a time. It’s a complete lockdown now. There are no loopholes.

No more outings

Many would be thinking of getting together with their friends and hang out at a restaurant or watch a movie. Well, you can’t. Because shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, wedding hall are all closed. No unnecessary movement of the people will be allowed.

Transport closed

Intercity transport will only be allowed for supply of food and other essential items, while public transport in cities will remain shut. All international flights would also remain suspended till April 4.

Basic necessities

Vegetable markets and petrol stations would open on specific days to be determined by the respective provinces. For this purpose, provincial governments would issue guidelines which would be implemented by the army with the help of civil administrations.

No more parks & public places

Now that many children are home because schools are closed, and they’re fed up with staying at home. Parent’s will think it’s okay for the kids to go out on street to play cricket or go to the nearest park in the society. None of this is okay. The purpose of the lockdown is to restrict movement and contact as much as possible.

We know it’s going to be hard and you’ll probably end up losing your mind. But we’ll all just have bare because the only way to stay safe is to stay home.


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