As of Wednesday night, 25th March, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases stand at 1026 in Pakistan. All provinces have been placed under a lockdown, which is being enforced by the armed forces who are working in tandem with the civil government. 

Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, Adviser to the Prime Minister, discussed the measures the PTI led government is taking to deal with the economic fallout which will result due to the pandemic in a press conference.

The negative impact of the pandemic on Pakistan’s economy will be as follows according to the premier’s special adviser:

  • The demand for Pakistan’s exports will fall as the economies of the countries that it exports to are weakened
  • Remittances from expatriates will be affected as countries where they are based, such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, are weakened
  • Economic activity in Pakistan will also be reduced which will in turn reduce people’s income and taxes

“There is an effort to created a united strategy in Pakistan,” stated Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh.


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