On Wednesday, life started to return to normal in the Hubei province of China, after a lockdown that lasted two months. Hubei, a province of 60 million people, was the epicentre of China’s COVID-19 outbreak. 

The capital of the Hubei province, Wuhan, will finally have its lockdown lifted on the 8th of April. Beijing has already shifted its focus towards stemming imported cases on COVI-19 and reviving its economy.

Traffic controls were lifted, construction at sites resumed and people started using buses and trains across borders that were once shut on Wednesday. One of Hubei’s most popular scenic sites, The Wudang Mountains, also reopened for visitors. The government also instructed those who had quarantined at home to return of work as soon as possible. 

Hubei Party Secretary Ying Yong stated the government will continue to work hard to prevent a rebound in infections as population movements increase.


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