Gordon Ramsay has been slammed for laying off more than 500 staff members amid the coronavirus crisis.

The celebrity chef was forced to briefly shut down a string of his restaurants due to the global health scare, after pubs and restaurants were ordered to close. And the 53-year-old summoned his staff to a meeting where they learned their contracts would be terminated – reportedly leaving many in tears.

They were later sent an email explaining they would be paid up to 17 April, giving them the option to appeal the decision. Gordon Ramsey, who is thought to be worth around £140million – failed to guarantee they would retain their jobs when the restrictions lift, chef Anca Torpuc has blasted his decision.

How did the employees react?

“All of us have worked so hard for Gordon Ramsay and he has just got rid of us when we needed his support the most, Anca Torpuc told MailOnline.

Many of the staff were left in tears at the way he has treated us. There was no warning. We were summoned to a meeting and told our contracts were being terminated. It was so brutal.

Anca also lashed out at her former boss on social media, branding him a ‘little piece of s**t’.

Gordon Ramsay announces the closure of restaurant


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