The PML-N has alleged that the Imran Kahn government is using the Corona Relief Fund for its political agenda, therefore a parliamentary monitoring committee must be formed to ensure oversight and transparency.

Presiding over a meeting of senior party leaders and lawmakers through a video link on Monday, Opposition Leader in National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif said not only has Imran Khan Niazi failed as a prime minister but also as the federal health minister. The meeting said the government was [allegedly] using foreign aid for coronavirus for its political activities. It stressed that the National Assembly speaker should summon a meeting of the standing committee with immediate effect.

What does the opposition suggest the government should do?

The meeting also pointed out that the new notice from the health ministry regarding revival of PMDC was a ‘cunning’ act and instead of the so-called Tiger Force, local governments needed to be reinstated. It stressed the need for providing preventive gear to the doctors as ensuring their well-being was the key to ensuring the well-being of the nation. The meeting took notice of the numerous complaints of terrible state of affairs at hospitals, while the government was busy doing politics in the name of relief funds. It criticised the [alleged] distribution of money to favourites through PTI MPAs and MNAs.


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