The ongoing pandemic has made many things clear, one of which is the stark disparity in how Covid-19 is impacting the poor as compared to those of means-especially those belonging to the coveted one percent.

But as rich Manhattanites fled to their Hampton sanctuaries, escaping New York’s Covid-19 crisis, they forgot one thing: their mail.

The problem, which seems quaint keeping the current global situation in mind was solved by Mark Vigliante, the president of M&V Limousine Limited as well as the Hampton Luxury Liner, a high-end bus service that typically shuttles people back and forth between the city and the beaches of Long Island. 

Due to a request from his wealthy clients, Vigliante finally agreed. His drivers now make runs from Upper West Side apartments to the Hamptons, delivering packages, bills, letters and even junk mail. The service has flourished, and now Vigliante offers it to any client who can afford it; the cost of a delivery is hundreds of dollars. 

While speaking to VICE, Vigliante said, “I had to be innovative. There wasn’t a choice. This was it. I had to work. Plus, you can only have so much family time, you know?”

Along with shuttling mail, Vigliante’s drivers are also delivering groceries, luggage and in one case, a bicycle. The service has allowed Vigliante to keep up to 15 percent of his drivers employed.

 “Capitalism,” Vigliante told VICE, “will always prevail.”