Doctors across Pakistan and all over the world are on the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic.

While a lot of them are working tirelessly in hospitals – isolating themselves from their families and risking their own lives – trolls on the internet have still not registered the graveness of the situation in the country right now. Apparently, even a pandemic can’t stop predators from harassing women in the medical field who are utilising their time to help those in need.

In a recent article written by Dawn News, many female doctors voiced their concerns over growing online harassment. While doctors are going out of their way to help and spread awareness about the pandemic on social media, many men have actually taken that as a signal to send vulgar messages.

Quoted straight from the article,

“Sometimes they would start off like a real patient but things would take a shift. And I’d ignore it a lot because I’d think, ‘They’re just trolls’, but sometimes the messages would be too graphic and come with pictures and videos that would just ruin my day. I knew of such things happening but seeing it for myself was depressing.”


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