A man committed suicide by self-immolation in front of PM Secretariat as a protest against injustice by Murree Police.

Police said that the victim, Faisal Aziz, was a resident of Dewal Sharif in Murree. He arrived at Gate 2 of the Prime Minister’s Secretariat on Constitutional Avenue before Friday prayers. A police patrol was nearby when Aziz started chanting slogans against the Murree police, doused himself with a flammable liquid and set himself alight. By the time police and others nearby save him, Aziz had already suffered severe burns.

Why did he commit suicide?

Police initially maintained that Aziz committed suicide over negligence in the provision of medical treatment to a relative at the Federal Government Polyclinic Hospital. However, later Secretariat police station SHO Asim Gulzar declared that initial investigations into the incident revealed that Aziz had filed a complaint against an influential political figure, Jawad Abbasi, at Dewal Sharif police station in Murree


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