Amir Khan is under fire from UK and international tabloids after he made a bizarre claim on his Instagram stories last night pushing a conspiracy theory on coronavirus. 

Khan took to his personal Instagram to share his beliefs on the pandemic and that it is ‘man-made’ to keep the population under control while governments build 5G towers. The theory has been disputed by scientists and politicians in the UK and around the world. Full Fact states “there’s no evidence that 5G is harmful to humans” and the technology has been declared safe by the ICNIRP, the body that sets guidelines on safe limits of exposure to radiation.

What did he say?

The 33-year-old boxer tried to share how he thought it was “bullshit”, and claimed that the pandemic was “put there for a reason – while they test 5G”. 

He said:

“I don’t think it’s coming from China. That’s a lie, really.

“People are saying that they were eating bats and snakes and the poison mixed. What b*****t is that? Do you believe that? I don’t.

“Coronavirus this, coronavirus that – you’re probably getting bored of it, as I am. Do you not think it’s anything to do with that 5G in these towers that are going up?

“It’s a man-made thing. It’s been put there for a reason – while they test 5G.

“It might be for population control – get rid of a lot of us, especially when they say that it harms old people.

“Look at these towers at night-time that have been put up, then telling people not to go out.”


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