Earlier on Sunday, Sethi found himself cornered in a feud with a troll on Twitter. In a heated exchange of tweets, matters quickly escalated.

When a user commented on the originality of the songs that Sethi had released in the previous year, the singer fired back, calling the user an “auntie.” In reply to another tweet, Ali Sethi commented on the display picture of the user saying, “beta dobara selfie na lena” meaning “don’t take a selfie again.”


In his live sessions, Ali Sethi gained popularity and received a lot of laughs for putting down trolls in his comment sessions. However, some fans felt that Sethi’s comments on Sunday had gone too far. One user tweeted, saying in part, “A new low for Pakistani ‘celebrities’ to ward off rightful criticism…”

Ali Sethi was called out for body-shaming by commenting on the profiles of his attackers.  Many of Sethi’s followers were disappointed at his clapbacks claiming that they were unoriginal and lame. The majority of users outright ‘cancelled’ the singer.

Sethi’s fans, however, were quick to defend him saying that he was talented and that his trolls made baseless claims. One thing is for certain and that is that his live audience has been considerably diminished.

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