Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday appealed for a “global initiative on debt relief” to deal with worldwide recession and help developing countries overcome disastrous impacts of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In a televised message, the prime minister urged the international community, particularly the United Nations Security Council (UNSG) and the international financial institutions to respond positively to the dilemma confronting the developing counties in the face of Covid-19 outbreak. Noting that the pandemic posed unprecedented health and economic challenges, Imran said that the global recession was a certainty, which could be worse than the “Great Depression”, adding: “A global pandemic cannot be contained without strong, coordinated and well-crafted global response.”

People question his choice of attire

The PM’s attire has since been the topic of discussion on social media where his fans are praising him for his ‘simplicity’. Others think the PM should not have dressed so casually during an important public appearance. People on Twitter, including journalists are criticising the prime minister for wearing a tracksuit while requesting the international community for debt relief.

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