In an impassioned Instagram story, Hania Amir blasts her followers for posting pre-pandemic throwbacks saying in part, “I choose quarantine.” 

The actor posted a video early this morning telling her followers to stop tagging her in posts. She went on to say that “those were hideous times” in her life.

Is “choosing” to be quarantined a statement of great privilege?

Amir compares the situation before the outbreak of the virus to what it is now implying that she prefers the status quo. Many would feel that this is a statement oozing with great personal privilege seeing as how many low-income families and workers are suffering due to the lockdown situation. 20 million Pakistanis lack adequate homes and 35% Pakistanis live below the poverty line – to be able to say that quarantine is a good time is a tone-deaf statement if there ever was any.

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