A total of 3,265 dead bodies were brought to 30 graveyards of Karachi between February 20 and April 9 (49 days), official statistics from the city’s top administrative body revealed on Thursday.

The development comes after reports were published in few segments of the media regarding spike in deaths in Karachi’s different hospitals which sent alarms bells as many feared that the number of Covid-19 fatalities could be much higher.

Are these the bodies of coronavirus patients ?

There was no official confirmation from the authorities whereas there was no clear connection in the reports that the deaths had occurred due to the highly contagious disease. According to data obtained from government hospitals in Karachi, 10,791 patients were brought to the emergency during the first three months of 2020. 121 of those were dead on arrival while the fatality rate was 1.12%.

The statistics showed that no authenticated test report revealed that the cause of death of these patients linked to coronavirus. Moreover, no hospital had conducted tests to ascertain that the real cause of death was indeed Covid-19.

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