Spain had enforced the strictest lockdown in all of Europe restricting children from playing outside their homes.

Parents grow more and more concerned about the toll the lockdown is taking on the mental health of their children.

Children’s mental and physical health amidst lockdown

The Spanish government enforced a near-total lockdown on 14 March, ordering residents to stay home at all times and only allowing them out individually for short trips to buy essential food items of pharmaceuticals.

Many psychologists signed an open letter that said, “The results of this rigid confinement for children are beginning to show, particularly in urban areas with limited domestic spaces, with increased levels of stress and anxiety.”

The Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity also estimated that the lockdown could result in a 5% weight gain in children due to their lack of exercise in lockdown conditions.

Since these developments, the calls for children to be allowed out of their homes have intensified.

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