Filled with rage over the governor of Michigan’s orders for lockdown, Trump supporters have taken to the streets to protest social distancing.

In places like Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia, supporters of Trump, anti-vaccine advocates, gun rights backers and supporters of the right wing have united against lockdown measures introduced all over the country.

Who are these protesters?

Some protests have been small, promoted via Facebook groups while others have been backed by groups with strong ties to Trump.

The largest rally took place in Lansing, Michigan, on Wednesday and involved thousands of protesters.

Trump has been incredibly dismissive of health concerns revolving around the protests and the state of the country at large. He expressed his sympathy towards the protesters saying, “They’re suffering … they want to get back.”

President Trump continues to relax lockdown measures allowing states to be “liberated.” This easing of social distancing orders might have dire implications for the number of Covid-19 cases in America.

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